30 Days of Fashion and Beauty

30 Days of Fashion and Beauty is the biggest magazine marketing event in Australia. For the month of September, magazines and brands join forces to host events across Australia, giving consumers a chance to get up close and personal with editors and experts. Events like fashion shows, beauty workshops, fitness workshops, and VIP shopping nights put consumers at the centre of the branded content experience. 

The social media for 30 Days needed to build buzz prior to September to drive sign ups, communicate with event attendees during September so they knew what was happening, make people who weren't at the events wish they were (classic FOMO), and drive awareness of the brands involved. This was done through a combination of Facebook, Twitter, and Tout. 

I was able to tap into celebrity ambassador Alexa Chung, along with the three model ambassadors Alyssa Sutherland, Sarah Stephens, and Heidi Harrington-Johnson, and leverage their profiles. Getting Alexa trending on Twitter the day of her media call helped drive follower numbers and likers. Fashion and beauty bloggers were invited to a selection of events, and reached out to via Twitter, to help drive interest and excitement through their own audiences. The primary audience of 30 Days FAB is women 18-34, with a secondary audience of W25-54 - social media was instrumental in reaching the 18-34 audience who are on social media, tweeting, checking Facebook and reading blogs every day.