I Love Magazines - Neuro Research

How do you prove that magazine readers are engaging with your content. Like, really engaging. You look at their brains. You watch the flow of their brain activity as they turn over the pages, bouncing from words, to image, to advertising, and back again. Whilst working at ACP Magazines (Bauer Media) I was involved in a research study called The Science of Love, delving into this concept of ‘flow,’. The methodology was designed to understand the connection with advertising effectiveness, and to develop a new approach to measuring the intensity and immersion of magazine engagement. 

This study was the centrepiece of the I Love Magazines project, an initiative to connect with media buyers and marketers and prove to them the benefit of the medium. A magazine was produced and distributed, full of compelling research, analysis, and examples of what is possible with the printed word. I produced much of the analysis and technical copy for the book.