Parade of Champions: Inspiration for the Irish Dancer

Irish dancing is big business. No longer just a cultural hobby, dancers train as elite athletes and spend thousands of dollars buying elaborate costumes and travelling the world to compete. We saw an opportunity to tap into these high level dancers and profile them - they are held up as role models and hero-worshipped among the up-and-comers, with their images shared hundreds of times daily on social media. We decided to own this space, and use it as the exclusive way to market our book.

The book is a collection of imagery and interviews, with dancers detailing their motivations and inspirations, training regimes, and words of advice. The book was put together over the course of 6 months during 2013, with the social media launched 3.5 months ahead of launch. This long lead gave us time to build and establish an audience who were hungry for our product. We also built a sizeable email database to market the book to, which led to a very successful launch.