Stuff That I Bought - Blog

If you have never had a blog before, let me tell you they are Hard Work. 

I launched Stuff That I Bought back in November 2007 as a creative outlet to talk about beauty products and other fun and frivolous stuff that I was buying and recommending. It quickly became all consuming - as a blogger you are the writer, editor, photographer, designer, picture editor, PR manager, advertising manager, and social media manager. Running a successful blog requires discipline and drive, but the rewards are great - trips, products, events, meeting VIPs, and connecting with the blogging community. Over the course of writing my blog I hit some fantastic numbers, and met some great people, but the greatest benefit was the constant learning - wordpress, blogger, basic html, social media, SEO, photoshop, video editing, and adsense. The skills I learnt from blogging have been invaluable to developing my career, and the brands I have worked on since.