The Voice of Australian Women - The Australian Women's Weekly

The Australian Women's Weekly, Australia's number one magazine, has a long and proud history as an icon of publishing. In the 1960s, the AWW gave women a voice and surveyed readers on all kinds of social issues like sex, domestic violence, relationships, work, and health, which was considered revolutionary at the time. To celebrate the magazine's 75th anniversary, the same survey was revisited, but I modified it for a modern audience and modern methodologies. We ran it in the magazine just like in the 1960s, giving readers the chance to post it back to us, but we also ran the survey on the Australian Women's Weekly website, and through our own online research panel, All Woman Talk. With over 15,000 responses online and mailed in, the survey was a huge undertaking. Results were reported over three issues (April, May, June 2009) and received a lot of mainstream media attention.