Who is Elise?

Glad you asked.

Elise Wright is whip-smart, intuitive, and the kind of content strategist you want working on your brand. She has worked on big launches, helped declining brands relaunch, has a head full of celebrity and pop culture knowledge, is an excellent presenter, writes great copy, and loves asking why. She thinks in pictures and videos, and her brain is like an Instagram grid. She has experience in both quant and qual - she can write a survey and run a focus group without breaking a sweat. She loves trendwatching, particularly those trends with names like "upgradia", "brandtocracies", and "kitchenarium" (two truths and lie? One of those isn't a real trend...yet). She sees patterns in things. She is addicted to social media in a way that can possibly be described as unhealthy, but she stays glued to her iPhone nonetheless. She is endlessly fascinated by the way people interact, particularly in the social sphere, and her greatest joy in life comes from people watching. 

Most recently she was lighting the social food world on fire working on the Google-owned Zagat in New York City. Working at Google was great because she was surrounded by incredible, intelligent people who inspired her every day (and because of the great snacks, obviously). Elise is back in the freelance world, and is available to write copy, plan shoots, come up with a strategy for your campaign, or to simply have coffee with you and tell you how great you look today (it's true, you do). 

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