Zagat at Google

Let's get this out of the way first...yes, working at Google is exactly like what you have heard. 

Working on Zagat at Google meant Food. All. Day. Every. Day. Sourcing user generated content for our Instagram account, shooting Facebook live streams with chefs, commissioning shoots, editing videos, telling micro stories in 6 frames on Instagram stories, and beating down trolls on Youtube. With 8 national and 16 local channels, that audience number ran over 8 million. That's a lot of foodies. 

Highlights include winning a Shorty award for a crazy 50 state road trip (all 50 states in 58 days!) with daily live broadcasts, and growing the Instagram account by almost 200% in 18 months (<80k to >225k), driven by community engagement, high quality content production, and consistent posting strategies


Sept 2015 - Sept 2017


Social Media Manager